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Boat Dock Accessories Online :  Articles  :  Attracting fish to your boat dock

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Attracting fish to your boat dock and rigging it for fishing.

Your dock can be a great place to fish if you have sufficient water depth under it.  In this article we'll share some tips that have helped us to catch fish year round and to attract bigger fish to the dock.  To attract fish to your dock you need to meet their basic needs: a ready food supply, protection from predators, and shade in the summer which your dock provides in its very design.  Your dock can provide all these items to fish and in so doing you will have many hours of enjoyment watching the fish and if you choose catching them.

To provide a ready food supply to fish mount photo cell activated lights to your dock.  The brighter the bulb and the closer to the water within reason the better.  Use halogen bulbs if possible since they will penetrate deeper into water.  Florescent bulbs are not a good choice for this application.  They are, however, a good choice for over all dock lighting since they are cheaper to operate, draw fewer bugs, and cast a smaller shadow.  The use of a photo cell activation provides a means to turn the lights on  at dusk and off at dawn each day without having to set and reset a timer. 

The lights will stimulate the growth of plankton which will draw minnows and shad if your body of water has them.  These bait fish will then draw the larger fish in.  The best time to fish around the lights is about one hour after dusk until you get tired of catching fish!  The best bait to use is minnows or shad of the same size as your lights have attracted.  If it is legal to do so on your body of water you can use a minnow trap or cast net to catch bait right from your dock.  Please see our article on keeping bait alive at your dock for tips on building a bait tank or to purchase one of our boat dock bait tanks.

To provide protection to the fish sink or suspend fish attractors below your dock. The important item here is to stimulate algae growth on the attractor to draw in bait fish and to situate the attractor in the fishes comfort zone.  The fish attractors should be made out of approved materials and anchored in such a way as to not interfere with boat traffic.  The comfort zone is deep enough to not be seen from the surface and above the thermocline.  Please check out our fish attractors that are easy to assemble and can be suspended below your dock or anchored to the bottom.  They provide protection for fish and stimulate the algae growth that attracts bait fish.

 Lastly be sure to mount rod holders at appropriate intervals on your dock so that you can fish multiple poles while keeping your hands free.

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